June 5, 2015

Skyler’s Picks – A Saturday Out And About

skylers picks at maison k



SKYLER'S PICKS ARTIST SMOCKSkyler’s outfit would be the perfect ensemble for a day at Giverny. The smock is very much like those that Monet himself would wear.  His art speaks for itself, and a trip to his incredible home and gardens just outside of Paris provides a glimpse into his inspiration. After a rainy grey week in Paris it was a joy to see the billowing clouds adrift in a bright blue sky above these magnificent gardens. We managed to sneak in just as the morning crowd was leaving, and just before the noon crowd hit. The allees and arches were filled with glorious buds, the uber-famous lily pond reflected the clouds above, the wisteria was bursting in bloom on the Japanese bridge. If you are anywhere near Giverny, the trip is well worth it.  Meanwhile, back at home in Santa Barbara, a visit to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens is always an inspiration and pleasure in our own backyard!

May 11, 2015

Walk With Me – Shopping in France!

I had to share some of the beautiful sights I’m enjoying while shopping in France.  As we speak, my Paris purchases are on their way to Maison K. Fabulous new summer scarves, jewelry and purses will arrive soon. As always, there is an abundance of beauty and inspiration here. It’s the height of a very wet spring with trees and flowers bursting in bloom. The City of Light always delights my eye with it’s stunning architecture, lovely gardens, incredible style and luscious colors. In addition to Paris, a new favorite destination is Honfleur, situated on the northwest coast of France, about two hours west of Paris. I found incredible antique linen shirts, gorgeous handmade lace tablecloths, and a to-die-for set of garden chairs.  All will be in transit soon!
Now off to Marrakech for more wonderful treasures…

Shopping in France for MAISON K

1. Pont Neuf on the way to dinner at Place Dauphine, Paris
2. Half-timbered houses in medieval village of Honfleur
3. Street view in Honfleur
4. Vieux Basin, the inner harbor of Honfleur
5. Wisteria-covered arches leading to Impressionist Museum in Giverny
6. Kugelhoph at Gerard Mulot, Paris
7. Spinning plate display at Isabel Marant, Paris
8. Gorgeous arrangement in drawing room at Maison de Lucie
9. Mermaid bas relief on home in Honfleur
10. Hotel Maison de Lucie in Honfleur
11. Stone building on Rue de Capucins in Honfleur
12. Beautiful dining room at our friends home in Paris

April 23, 2015

Light And White Summer Dresses

linen and cotton summer dresses at maison k



summer dresses have arrivedI recently watched Mr. Turner – a fascinating film about the last 25 years of J.M.W. Turner’s life.  This cinematic portrayal paints the man as a brilliant artist with an incredibly unique perspective and expression of nature. He’s a complex amalgamation of opposites; he is loving and brutish, sensitive and rough, adventurous and a home body, traditional and anarchic. The Turner exhibition at The Getty Center is not to be missed. It had been years since I was last at the Getty and was duly reminded of the incredible gift it is; the art collections, the buildings, the site, the gardens! Make sure to make a luncheon reservation in the dinning room – a great treat with views to the sea. A wonderful reminder that summer is here and so are our light and airy, cotton and linen summer dresses.

May 22, 2014

The Riviera Tote is Back…Again!

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. To prepare for the months ahead when you’re on the go, we just received a new shipment of the Riviera Tote.
Riveriera Tote at maison k
The beauty of this leather tote is in it chic simplicity and clean lines. It is sturdy, yet lightweight, and beautifully made in Italy of finely textured leather.
You won’t find heavy hardware and busy logos. You will find an easy-to-grab-and-go tote that works with your entire wardrobe whether you’re heading to the office, off to the farmers’ market, exploring a seaside village or relaxing poolside.
Riviera Tote in many colors, call Maison K Santa Barbara, Montecito, CA

The Riviera Tote travels well

The roomy tote fits everything you can toss its way and includes a small, zippered leather pouch that attaches to the interior with a leather tie. This is so handy for your phone, credit cards and keys.

Additionally, the tote travels well. It folds flat so it’s easy to slip into your suitcase, allowing you the extra room so often needed on a trip.

Many colors to choose from 

We have several colors: Ivory, Dark Brown or Black on our website and more in the store. Please call for availability. Typically people buy one and then find they love it so much they buy another color as well.

I discovered this tote in Paris and called it the Riviera Tote because it personifies the chic ease of the Riviera lifestyle, whether that’s Italian, French or American.

I hope you enjoy using this wonderful tote as much as I do.

Email us about availability of colors or call Maison K at 805-969-1676. 


The climate, topography, landscape and beauty of Santa Barbara is so reminiscent of of the Mediteranean, and the French Riviera in particular, that it has come to be known as “the American Riviera.”  No better place to experience our coastal idyll is at the iconic Four Seasons Biltmore on Channel drive, just a hop skip from Maison K.  The Biltmore, designed by Reginald D. Johnson,  is the perfect holiday destination for locals and visitors alike, with stunning gardens, a luxurious spa and salon, as well, the expanded ocean side terrace with views to the sea.  This terrace is delightful at all hours of the day, a marvelous place to soak up the splendor of our lovely town.

April 26, 2014

Breezy Linen Clothing and Jacquard Scarves



This fabulous linen dress and shirt will take you near and far. Both pieces come in white and flax, shown above. These easy pieces are simple classics which make great cover ups, or worn with a slip or white jeans, can be accessorized with scarves and belts to polish the look. Our Jacquard scarves from France add panache to any wardrobe, spring, summer, winter, or fall!


While studying Art History at UCSB, my favorite courses were always those of Greek and Roman history.  Fast forward 20 years, I found myself in one of the most exquisite and fascinating homes in all the world; that of Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. Now a “Monument Historique” it was built between 1902 and 1908 by French Archaeologist Theodore Reinach. Enamored with Ancient Greek history and architecture, this home is modeled after a 2nd century BC Greek noble house with a central peristyle courtyard.  Every detail be it furniture, fabrics, art, mosaic floors, plaster walls, painted ceilings, etc. etc. are faithfully recreated from the classical era.  The most up to date features of 20th century living were seamlessly melded within the exquisite ancient design.  Take a walk back into history through this magnificent treasure via the Villa Kerylos “visit virtuelle.” 
June 23, 2011

De Paris Avec Amour – From Paris With Love

from paris with love, summer at maison k

From Kimberly

The lovely tree lined Place des États-Unis (of the 16th arrondissement) is not on the main tourist track but definitely worth the trip while in Paris. Here, two of my favorite Parisian retailers have teamed up to create the most extraordinary exhibit.  ”Plus Vrai Que Nature” – Truer Than Real Life – is presented at Maison de Baccarat in the former mansion of art patron Marie-Laure de Noailles who used to entertain the likes of Man Ray, Cocteau and Dali. 

Seemingly, the spirit of these surrealists lives on here. Philippe Starck created the interior design and is a master at conserving the grand historical aspects of the building, while interjecting his trademark flair of theatrical decor, elegance and unexpected chic.

Musée Baccarat’s show highlights the incredible range and virtuosity of Baccarat’s crystal creations inspired by nature, in concert with numerous birds, butterflies and creatures from Deyrolle. The blue morpho butterfly poised on the lip of a hand cut, hand painted turn of the century Baccarat vase is a breathtaking example of both man and nature’s most sophisticated and beautiful creations. Take the time to book ahead for lunch or tea in the Cristal Room housed in a fantastic salon of contrast; raw brick walls, crystal chandeliers, pale pink banquettes – it is fantastique!