October 16, 2016

As Seen in Veranda Magazine – Outdoor Lighting

lighting maison k seen in veranda magazine

indoor outdoor lighting from maison kThere is something so enchanting about dining al fresco, surrounded by trees, flowers and the open sky. This is easy to do in Santa Barbara, even if that means wearing a down sweater and UGG boots for an evening supper.! Not long ago I met a friend for dinner near her apartment at Gramercy Park.  We dined at Gramercy Tavern. It’s a classic and has been around a long time but I had never been before. I  loved the ambiance the moment we walked in. Huge plate glass windows, high ceilings and larger than life floral arrangements with tree branches and flowers greeted us. A sideboard, pictured here, was layered with masses of roses, daisies, mounds of squash, piles of miniature clay pots and a large glorious cheese board.  Our table had tiny vases filled with rosemary arranged in a wooden tray and even the “toilette” was festooned with numerous floral arrangements. A city style al fresco experience in the heart of New York!

May 2, 2015

Outdoor Elegance

outdoor elegance at maison k



MAISON K OUTDOOR ELEGANCE FLORALS AT MOMALiving in Santa Barbara, we enjoy a marvelous indoor / outdoor lifestyle. We have the luxury of living and dining outside many months of the year, surrounded by the outdoor elegance of flowering trees and bushes. For those living in New York City, especially after a very cold winter with snow-covered streets, the sight of tiny green leaves and budding branches is exhilarating. That said, one can bask in the beauty of massive floral arrangements in the foyer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art year round. I always marvel at these arrangements and have taken numerous photos over the years; they are always that inspiring. There are four grand pediment niches and a central pedestal which support classic marble urns bursting with a magnificent arrangement of flowers. This enduring gift is from Lila Acheson Wallace. Who was this woman with the foresight of gifting all who behold, these beautiful flowers? Lila and her husband founded Readers Digest in 1922 and generously went on to create The Wallace Foundation and fund a number of great philanthropic causes.