November 19, 2013

Holiday Countdown : 36 Days!

Sprinkbok Pillow
Add a touch of the beautiful wilds to your home environs with this gorgeous Springbok Pillow. Whether you have been to Africa or not, these pillows will make an instant international style statement and bring a soft chicness to your home. Springbok are lovely, medium sized antelope-gazelle creatures from south western Africa; Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Springbok are one of the few antelope species considered to have an expanding population and are not endangered in any way. We can also order custom ottomans and throws with the Springbok. 
November 16, 2013

Holiday Countdown : 38 days!

alpaca throw blanket at maison k montecito
We just received a marvelous array of the softest and silkiest throws and blankets! They are made of alpaca, which is hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, light weight and durable. They are designed with beautiful earth tone colors arranged in stunning stripe patterns. These blankets are handsome, functional and will keep you cozy for years!  


November 14, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesdays : Vintage Faience Geese & Ducks and more!

vintage ceramic geese at maison k
These vintage faience geese and ducks from France bring a definite charm to any decorative arrangement in your home, at any time of year. The backdrop of this vignette is a one of a kind aluminum tray from the Middle East standing behind a hand wrought metal pear tree topiary springing to life seemingly from marble planter.  For holiday simply add green pine boughs and some red berries to this display to make your home festive through the new year. Enjoy our St. Tropez candle to add the beautiful fragrance of pine and berries into you home as well.



November 13, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 41 days!

hand carved soapstone boxes at maison k
These extraordinary boxes are hand carved with incredible detail and precision. Made in Vietnam, after they are carved they are hand painted. Some designs look like finely woven baskets, and others are detailed with pretty leaves.  No matter the design, shape or size, they are all lovely to give or to receive!


November 7, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesdays: Bone Inlay Boxes

Maison K One of a Kind Wednesdays Moroccan Bone Inlay Box Santa Barbara, CA
Beautiful henna-dyed bone inlay boxes from Marrakech ranging from tiny to large, each a unique piece!  A stylish and useful addition to your home! 
$125. – $1495.
November 3, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 52 days!

cashmere throw blanket
This is an exquisite Cashmere throw from Nepal with a beautiful charcoal and tan weave. A glorious cuddle up all year!


October 31, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesdays: Venetian Plaster Artwork

venetian plaster artwork
This is a truly unique piece of art with a timeless handwritten message on Venetian plaster surrounded by a one of a kind wooden frame with antique fabric detail. Stop by the store to see it in person!
August 9, 2013

What’s your mood? Ours is…

     vintage home decor


Mood_Indigo_MKThe site of this indigo blue, late summer night sky was my reward for taking the red eye to New York this past June.  I so miss our precious little adobe airport, however I’m tickled we still get to walk to the plane on the tarmac! There is something wonderfully retro and charming about that.  It would have been even more perfect if Duke Ellington’s 1930, beautiful and timeless had been playing in the background. 

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

August 1, 2013

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Maison K, From Kimberly, Global Chic, Angkor Wat Cambodia, Part Hyatt Siem Reap
Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Angkor WatCambodia, was on my “must see” list for years and when I finally arrived, it did not disappoint.  Walking the ancient pathways and climbing the steep staircases of this massive and elegant temple was the thrill of a lifetime.  It is the largest religious monument in the world, built in the 12th century in what is considered classical Khmer style. It is surrounded by literally hundreds of other temples in the area, each with their own story. Originally, Angkor Wat was dedicated to the Hindu faith, later it became, and remains a Buddhist temple.

I stayed at what is now the  Park Hyatt Siem Reap.  The design, while contemporary is considerate of it’s local heritage and is a truly grand and serene hotel with exquisite service. An ancient banyan tree resides in the central garden where you can enjoy both French and Indochine cuisine.