April 2, 2015

Brighten Your Home With Silk Velvet Textiles

Silk Velvet Textiles at MAISON K



silk velvet textiles at maison kThe Harem. That’s what the sign said outside a narrow entrance portal within the grand confines of the Topkapi Palace.  Images from A Thousand and One Nights danced in my mind – and yet as I soon learned, “The Harem” does not mean a group of sequestered women, but rather, the private living quarters of the Sultan where he, and all his family, including the women and children lived. There are what seem like miles of exquisitely tiled rooms and several fountains with the cooling, calming sound of water tinkling.  I’m sure that in the day, there were yards and yards of sumptuous textiles all about, with mounds of luxurious pillows everywhere, similar to our signature pillows of various silk velvet textiles!

February 27, 2015

Shades of Grey

shades of grey  home decor



home decor shades of greyHow I have never made it to the headlands of More Mesa until just last weekend I don’t know. Leave it to my husband from New York City to introduce me to my own backyard!  It was a rare day with a tiny drizzle and then suddenly there was a clearing so we headed down the path that leads directly to a spectacular seaside trail along the very edge of the bluff which tumbles dramatically to the beach. There were many luxuriant green grasses and wild flowers, most notably a hillside of bright yellow Coast Sunflowers; Encelia californica in full bloom and glory, lighting this grey day.



January 24, 2015

Santa Barbara Andalusia Style

santa barbara andalusia style_________________________________

andalusia style in santa barbara caCan you place this shot?  I think it could be one of numerous places in the world – a resort in California, or Spain, Greece or…. Turkey!  All of these destinations have in common the sea and sunshine, architecture and flora, a mood and stylistic expression that I consider classic Mediterranean Style.  This hotel is located in Alacati Turkey. It’s astonishing how much it felt like Santa Barbara, with its palm trees, blooming oleander and bougainvillea climbing the walls of adobe and stone buildings roofed in red tile!  It’s a wide wonderful world with both unique and familiar touch stones along the way.
December 13, 2014

How To Decorate and Entertain …

How to decorate and entertain________________________


how to decorate and entertainWe have a great treasure in our midst – that of Casa del Herrero. It is one of only four National Historic Landmarks in Santa Barbara. Designed by George Washington Smith, and completed in 1925, it is a stunning example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Owner George Fox Steedman traveled abroad to purchase incredible architectural elements for the interior and exterior of the house. He went neck to neck with William Randolph Hearst who was shopping for Hearst Castle at the time. What a competition between two great visionaries. Take the time to enjoy a docent tour of this architectural gem.

December 2, 2014

Featured in Santa Barbara Magazine’s 2014 Gift Guide

Santa Barbara Magazine's 2014 Gift Guide_____________________________


featured in santa barbara magazine's 2014 gift guideAlways winter white, shown left is, what is for me, the most beautiful architectural detail bar none. Meticulously hand-carved plaster work in a endless variety of pattern, covers courtyards, archways and walls in Moroccan Palaces, riads and homes. Closer to home than a trip abroad, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a phenomenal collection of art and architecture from the near East in The Met Islamic Art Exhibit.

October 17, 2014

Fall Into Luxurious Textures

Luxuriuos textures at Maison K, alpaca, wool, lambskin and more

We have a stunning new assortment of luxurious textures and textiles in a marvelous range of natural colors and amazing fibers. Lovely clothes and scarves to wear, as well as pieces to decorate and add comfort and beauty to your home.

Come and experience the soft touch and elegance of these pieces in our new location: 1253 Coast Village Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

1. Cashmere-like Throw From Portugal
2. Cashmere Throw and Lambskin Pillow
3. Assorted Cashmere Shawls
4. Assorted Cashmere Shawls
5. Cowhide Pillows
6. Mohair Fringe Throw
7. Wool and Rabbit Fur Throw
8. Natural Weave Sweaters
9. Tibetan Lamb Throw
See you soon in the store to feel these luxurious textures for yourself.

Palais Royal columnsNo trip to Paris is complete without a stroll through Palais-Royal. There are a multitude of moods and aspects to experience – Quiet strolls through the long galleries, early morning or late evening, when all the businesses are closed or prime time when people are sitting around the central fountain, walking through the allée of plane trees, visiting Serge Lutens, Masion de Vacance and Didier Ludot or sipping espresso at a cafe contemplating this vibrant and grand creation which began as a 17th century palace.   

September 9, 2014

Vintage Treasures From The Himalayas, India and Bolivia

Vintage Treasures From The Himalayas, India and Bolivia at maison kThese vintage treasures renew your room by adding a touch of time-tested beauty among the multitude of mass-produced products we touch every day.


Bolivian Alpaca Throw was in Santa Barbara Magazine’s “Cliff Dwellings” article, by Lori Porter, featuring Micholyn Brown‘s interior design of a recently restored Cliff May home in Montecito, CA.

Himalayan Wedding Chest with its hand-carved, bold, floral designs. Or a Metal-Clad Indian Urn, a true gem that’s created with a three-step, all hand-wrought process.

Hope to see you in the store soon so you can see the lovely details on these pieces.



vintage treasures for fall at maison k, santa barbara, caWe just received the wedding chests and urns (above) that I found on a jaunt in India. I found the Alpaca throws from Bolivia in New York City recently!  At the end of a long day hunting and gathering for Maison K – one of my favorite tried and true destinations for a fabulous meal in a handsome environment is the Mercer Kitchen at the Mercer Hotel in Soho.  I love going early evening to nab one of the few small tables upstairs, lobby level. This intimate, lofty space is light filled with a view into the stunning lobby lounge designed by Christian Liaigre on one side and the a steady stream of scenic people walking up and down the interior stairs heading to the main dining room below. Every meal created under the direction of über-chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is splendid. It’s a serene civilized space in the midst of Manhatten.  Often, I will head a just a few blocks over to Angelika Film Center to enjoy a great movie and rest my feet for the next day of buying for Maison K!

December 21, 2013

How to: Layer with Style!

global furniture from maison k in montecito california
global furniture for your home decor from maison k
After all the festivities and busyness of the Holidays, a wonderful way to start the New Year is with a visit to Alchemy Arts Center located in downtown Santa Barbara. Step inside the doorway of this handsome building and you are immediately transported to a beautiful and dreamy get-a-way right in our own backyard.  It’s truly one of the most beautiful spas I have ever been to, with handsomely carved wood window screens that softly filter the sunlight shining through the palm fronds outside. The environment is earthy and elegant, mindful and sensual all at once.  A beautiful linen robe awaits you in the changing room; arrive early so you can lounge and soak up this peaceful environment before your treatment.  There are a myriad of beauty and wellness treatments to indulge in and they will work their wonders from the inside out.  Make sure to allow time to enjoy a meal at the café! They have one of the most wonderful kale salads imaginable and the always delicious and nutritious soups and beverages.  Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience! 
November 4, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 51 days!

Maison K Holiday Countdown Home Decor and Gift Giving Inspiration, Milagro Tree, Santa Barbara, CA
This festive Christmas tree supports a delightful array of milagros. Meaning “miracle” or “surprise” in Spanish, they are religious folk charms that are traditionally used 
for healing purposes or as votive offerings. This is a timeless tree that will 
enchant every year!