November 28, 2015

Gorgeous Gifts Under $100

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gifts under $100 at maison kWonderful gifts come in myriad forms; a soft scarf, a lustrous pearl, a shimmering clutch – and then there are the priceless gifts – a beautiful sunset, the song of a bird, the scent of orange blossoms in bloom… Other gifts are those of compassion and solidarity. The imagery we’ve seen of late in support and honor of Paris, from people all around the world be it Myanmar, Israel, Germany, Australia, USA, Brazil, on and on, is breathtaking in scope and goodwill. We have seen the very worst of what humans can be and the very best of what we can be. Remember what Desiderius Erasmus said “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

December 20, 2014

Holiday Hostess Gifts for Inspired Giving

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holiday hostess gifts for inspired givingSeeing Wild recently reminded me of my brief stint on the Pacific Crest Trail last November. We were on a mere portion of the trail in Big Bear, an 18-mile day-trek after a blizzard had completely blanketed the landscape. At first daunting, the beauty of the vistas overlooking hundreds of miles of the most dreamy winter wonderland was compelling. It was a grand experience walking amidst majestic, towering, snow covered pines, the only sound our soft footsteps. It was a challenging yet magnificent day that had a beginning and an end. I can’t imagine the fortitude it took to complete the 1,100 mile trip Cheryl Strayed undertook – so inspired – and put on my hiking shoes the next morning.

November 8, 2014

Create Your White Christmas

Milagro Tree for Christmas at MAISON K Santa Barbara, CAThe holidays are fast approaching so it’s not too soon to consider decking your halls and getting a start on your holiday gift list!

We have numerous new decorative items for you and your home: scarves, purses and jewelry from France, as well as some tried-and-true MAISON K classics.Please shop early as many things are one of a kind and there is limited stock on the majority of other products.We are happy to gift wrap your presents, as well as manage the shipping.
Please contact us so we may assist you.
1. Milagro Tree
2. Lambswool and Rabbit Fur Throw
3. Vintage Wooden Deer Head
4. Printed Linen Scarves
5. Plush Robe
6. Fringe Purse
7. Cashmere Throw
8. Culinary Salts
9. Syrian Mirror and Moroccan Wedding Blankets
10. MAISON K Four Seasons Signature Candle Set
11. Alpaca Lions
12. MAISON K Gift Wrap
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December 1, 2013

Holiday Inspiration

522gift ideas for men and women from maison k
If you haven’t visited already, please check out our blog PAPILLON to keep updated with our Holiday Countdown!  
Each day, we feature a holiday décor or gift giving
idea which we hope will inspire you now
and through the Holidays.

holiday gift ideas at maison k

Speaking of gifts, one of the greatest ever, is that of the Smithsonian Institutionin Washington DC. I lived in DC for 3 years and have spent countless hours soaking up the richness of this gift of science, art, nature and humanity. Yet, until this moment, I didn’t know anything about the vision and founding of what is the world’s largest museum and research institution in the world. With 19 museums, the National Zoo and nine research facilities, it is, in my eyes, our nation’s most incredible gift, envisioned by James Smithson, a British scientist born in 18th century Paris. What is most astonishing to me is, he never set foot in America even though he was a well educated and well traveled gentleman. Because he never expressed why, there is much speculation about what prompted his decision to leave his fortune in a trust to create this institution. Twenty years after his death, the Smithsonian was founded and named in his honor. Would he not be astounded with the reach and might of his gift which millions and millions of people from all around the world treasure; he has touched us and greatly enhanced our lives with enlightenment, wonder, knowledge, inspiration, and joy. (Pictured above is the rotunda of the National Gallery of Art.)

November 9, 2013

‘Tis the Season


Create a coastal holiday feel in your home with these shimmering trees and wreaths made of luminescent abalone shells.  They will lend an elegant and earthy air to your surroundings.  Your own shell collections can also be displayed to further amplify the theme.

$38 – 145


This magnificent ceiling is not in some far off city such as Rome or Istanbul.  It’s  located about 90 miles south of us  in downtown Los Angeles.  This is the magnificent ceiling of the Lodwrick M. Cook Rotunda at the LA Public Library!  I recently took a day trip via train to the city with my father, arriving at the stunning Union Station and then walked all over downtown. We had the grandest time in this not often explored architectural treasure trove of a city.

This stunning mosaic was created by Julian Garnsey.  The Globe Chandelier is representative of the solar system and was designed by Goodhue Associates.  The globe is made of translucent blue glass, hand painted with the continents.  The planets and moon can be found in the chains suspending the globe from the ceiling.  There are 48 lights representing the 48 states in the union at the time when the building opened in 1926.

“Here in these halls the petty distractions of the earthly pilgrimage may be laid aside and their place taken by the inspiration and serenity that come from communion with the poet the prophet the philosopher the artist the scientist indeed with all those who themselves have caught a glimpse of the things that are not transitory in their natures but have eternal values.”
-Everett Robbins Perry 
From his address at the dedication of the Los Angeles Public Library

November 8, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 47 days!

silver plated filigree coasters at maison k
This set of coasters makes a marvelous holiday hostess gift to be enjoyed year round. Each coaster is made of silver plated, finely woven metal. The set of 6 includes 2 of 3 different patterns and is housed in a wooden mid-century style holder.


December 8, 2012

Luminous Décor

mercury glass ornamentsCreate a luminous Holiday mood with mercury glass owls, hand beaded
ornaments and glowing trees.
Enjoy delicious treats and Holiday Cheer as you
shop for you and yours.
Special thanks to Rebecca Wolseley for the gorgeous shot!
May 4, 2012

Say I Love You

gifts of love
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