October 16, 2016

New Chandeliers For Your Home

chandelieres from maison k


modern chandeliers at maison kThe tree canopies in the forests of the Sierra Nevada create a similar affect of the lanterns above.  The sunlight filters through a myriad of limbs and branches – casting shadows all around; falling upon the berries and wildflowers, on the forest floor covered with pine needles and cones. Our annual road trip this year included Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia.  Each park has an abundance of glorious, jaw dropping sights – but the relative emptiness and calm of Kings Canyon and Sequoia really spoke to me. Each evening at check in,
we were informed of the proper etiquette around bears – we were prepared – now where were they? On our last morning, we took the beautiful, grand Congress Trail in The Giant Forest and there they were, the ultimate visual reward, a cinnamon colored mama bear followed by her 2 precious cubs on a walk-about through the ferns.
February 20, 2016

Honorable Mention in Traditional Home Magazine

Trad Home Mention



MODERN art complements the traditional homeThe pops of color in the pillows and art, pictured above, bring a dynamic quality to the room. “Dynamic” brings to mind too, this beguiling, three dimensional work of art on loan from The Glass House which was a part of the recent exhibition celebrating Frank Stella at the Whitney.  It’s a visual flight of fancy, swooping and shimmering with glitter and glass, metal and enamel, the jewel tones commanding our attention.  Named “Khar-Pidda 5.5x” the piece is one of a series inspired by the exotic birds seen during the artists residence in Ahmedabad, India. The Khar-Pidda is a brightly plumaged bird and knowing this, the art seems all the more enchanting. Like many shows I’ve seen lately, the most impressive aspect of them all is the diversity of work, the prolific nature and constant creativity of the artists. I was familiar with the grand/XL/ color banded/geometric paintings by Stella, and this show opened my eyes to the diversity and dimensionality of his greater oeuvre.
October 30, 2015

Fall Furniture Sale

20% off fall furniture sale



FALL FURNITURE SALE AT MAISON KWe were told, quite emphatically, there were no public beaches in Portofino, but I couldn’t believe that to be true.  So suit under shorts, we headed off on a narrow footpath  above the precious seaside town and first came upon a handsome castle: Castello Brown. Not too far from there, an offshoot of the main path pointed: SPIAGGIA. I knew there must be and so it was, a teeny tiny beach, just barely, but at least an entrance to the dazzling turquoise sea.  After a brief dip, we continued to meander toward the promontory of the peninsula, where we enjoyed a bellini with freshly pureed peaches and a chocolate banana milkshake at Al Faro, created by it’s irrepressible impresario, below the picturesque lighthouse; “faro” in Italian.

March 21, 2015

Designers We Love

Designers We Love - John Saladino


Designers We Love MAISON KI’m a great fan of John Saladino‘s work and one of the many reasons is his use of color. This is the main reason he’s a “Designer We Love.” Looking at his work, I almost feel as though I’m viewing an expression of nature, so perfect the palette and textured nuances. Regarding one of John’s rooms recently, a friend said, “”I just want to stare at it’s beauty.” Ditto I thought, the feeling is similar to enjoying a sublime Santa Barbara sunset such as this. I don’t do it often enough but it’s a great treat to enjoy a water perspective of our beloved city whether out paddling on a surfboard or on a catamaran sunset cruise. Time to get out there!

June 10, 2014

Inlay Furniture

The magazine luxe interiors + design LOS ANGELES recently showcased MAISON K with a fabulous illustration of our storefront and mention of our inlay furniture.

I consider inlay furniture and décor to be practical works of art that create interest and drama in a space. Whether you use a shell inlay mirror in a contemporary bathroom or an ornate bone inlay table in a traditional setting, they add a sensational touch of adventure and beauty.

I go directly to the source as regularly as I can because I get to find the more unique and unusual pieces that don’t always end up in the big importers’ assortments.

And by the source, I mean Morocco and India. They are very different in styling, but equally beautiful. Typically, shell inlay is from Syria and is exquisite in its lightness and brightness. I love it all!
Bone inlay is often incorporated with fine wire work and set into wooden bases. We’ve had spectacular doors that people used to build into the homes. One couple chose a magnificent pair to lead to their master bedroom.
Another designer installed a gorgeous set of doors as the entrance to her clients’ walk-in closet. Wow, I want to see that closet!
For a more practical application, without a construction project, we typically have small and large mirrors, tables and decorative accessories on hand. There is really something for every home and budget.
The bone used in inlay furniture can be a natural, ivory color or dyed with henna and cut into small tiles. The tiles are then used to make intricate and bold patterns. The designs are so creative and beautiful the possibilities are truly endless.

Email me if you’re looking for a specific piece of inlay furniture and I’ll shop for it on my next trip — call Maison K at 805-969-1676.

January 25, 2014

2014 Resolution #1: Refresh your Environment

Perhaps because I’m the daughter of an architect, I have always loved the art and discipline of architecture, across the multitudes of landscapes, cultures, times and expressions it inhabits.  Pictured above is a portal in a traditional Moroccan Riad, the exquisite Riad Camilia in Marrakech. I am a fervent fan of Le Corbusier with his Ronchamp Chapel high on my “must see” list.  I am head over heels for Angor Wat and Philip Johnsons Glass House for entirely different reasons.  Soon the world will know a lot more about another famous architect and her exquisite work with the world premier documentary of Lutah Maria Riggs showing soon at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Learn more about Lutah at Lutah.org
January 19, 2014

Balmy Days & Cozy Nights

COZY restaurant near santa barbara, cold spring tavern
maison k recommends cold springs tavern, a cozy restaurant
If you must leave your cozy nest, one of the best escapes around is into another time and era at Cold Spring Tavern.  I’ve been visiting since a child and it never fails to delight.  Built in 1865 as a stagecoach stop; a place to change horses and nourish passengers, it’s now a living example of a fascinating and bygone aspect of American history. I particularly love to dine in the tiny room with the stone fireplace roaring. From there, and glancing out to the other portion of the restaurant, I half expect to see a lady in a gown pass by and hear the spurs of a cowboy rattle along the ancient wood floor. Famous for their game menu, it makes a marvelous destination for lunch or dinner.
November 26, 2013

Holiday Countdown : 28 Days!

natural cowhide rugs at maison k
Every cowhide is a unique and beautiful expression of nature. I hand select each piece from a vast assortment. Our new assortment includes 3 natural cowhides ranging from tan and white to a dark brown brindle, while another one is dyed with a stunning tiger pattern. Cowhide rugs add great warmth and style to a variety of home environments. Appropriate in contemporary, traditional, or eclectic homes!


November 23, 2013

Holiday Countdown : 32 Days!

winter white furniture at maison k
Lovely degrees of winter white; an antique shell inlay mirror, vintage Moroccan wedding blanket, Mongolian lamb ottoman, alpaca puppies and wool, sheepskin and rabbit textiles from Argentina – create an exquisite oasis year round in your home.
$85 – $14,000


September 2, 2012

MAISON K Noted in C Magazine

What a treat!  MAISON K is noted in the August 2012 issue of C Magazine.
“Classic with mojo,” is one way Kendall Conrad describes her style. With two stores in Los Angeles and a client list that includes some of the coolest women around, the accessories designer has carved out a niche for herself as a champion of easy, sexy elegance.
It’s an aesthetic evident in the Montecito home she shares with her husband, director and photographer David Cameron (also CEO and creative director of Kendall Conrad Design), and their daughters Luisa, 14, and Fernanda, 12.
Read the rest of the story in C Magazine.  To find artful treasures for you and your home,
visit MAISON K online or in the store.