March 28, 2015

Black and White Riviera Glamour (How To Feel Like a Riviera Princess)

Black and White riviera glamour



BLACK & White riviera glamour at maison kPictured here is a “still” from L’Année Dernière à Marienbad – Last Year at Marienbad. It’s a classic with many fervent admirers, like myself, who are entranced by the mystifying story with exquisite staging, mood and cinematography.

The film is shot within the interiors and gardens of several chateaux around Munich and while this isn’t the Riviera, (Marienbad is actually a Czech spa town) the glamour and essence of the film puts it in the same ranks. Delphine Seyrig (as “the woman”) is always perfectly coiffed and stunningly dressed by Channel throughout. My favorite scene is of Delphine in her bedroom wearing a marabou edged robe sitting upon a small chair among what seems like a hundred pair of shoes. The black and white riviera glamour style of this film is fantastique!

December 9, 2014

The Perfect Gift – The Riviera Tote

the riviera tote for Christmas at maison k



the riviera tote is back at maison kVillefranche-sur-Mer, a charming seaside village that gently tumbles down a hill and drops  into the azure sea on the Eastern edge of the French Riviera. The Greeks, Romans, French and Italians have all left their mark and influence on this spectacular bit of coast, making it a marvelous meld of culture and style. The pine trees, palms and cacti co-mingle with bougainvillea, tile roofs and plaster walls. Church bells ring, harbor bells sound.  Sounds remarkably like Santa Barbara, n’est-ce pas?

February 24, 2014

Just in from Paris…

personal accessories just in from france at maison k santa barbara
During my most recent trip to Paris I discovered what is now my new favorite restaurant in the City of Light.  In its 20 years, Le Petrelle has established an impressive following among both locals and tourists. With its beautiful, arty and romantic dining room, le Pétrelle is truly an exquisite dining destination. The menu changes with the seasons and each dish is made with only the best ingredients from local producers. If you’re ever in the area be sure put dinner at le Pétrelle on your itinerary, you won’t regret it!
February 1, 2014

La Vie en Rose

personal accessories create la vie en rose at maison k montecito
 Take this photo as inspiration! Simply fill a shallow bowl with water, cut the stems of several dozen roses and set them adrift.  This makes a dazzling centerpiece which will enchant everyone who sees it. Deciding to take a respite from the bustling medina of Marrakech, we were on the lookout for a place we could take a time out. We spied a hotel with massive doors, sheltering a cool interior. Stepping into this beautiful architectural oasis we were greeted by a marble fountain filled with roses. What a tremendous delight for the senses – the contrast of supple roses and the smooth polished marble, the rose absolut fragrance wafting on the air, the colors mingling and gently floating on the water that softly fell over the edges into the pool below – what a soothing sight!
December 29, 2013

Create Sparkle & Light this New Year’s


sparkley personal accessories for the holiaysParis is often called the “City of Light,” described as such, because it was the first city in Europe to use gas lamps to light the Champs-Élysées.  This 19th century moniker remains apt, as pictured here on a moon lit night, with I.M. Pei’s brilliant pyramid lit up like the tip of a magnificent diamond embedded in the courtyard of the Louvre.  Over the years, I have been in Paris many times in January to attend the gift show there, and I highly recommend “La Ville -Lumière” at this very off season.  I am especially happy when it snows – it’s absolutely magical.  If you can plan a winter trip there and celebrate the New Year, (complete with champagne of course), it is sure to be memorable! Bonne année where ever you are~

December 13, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 11 Days!

clutch purses
This beautiful clutch will add punch and polish to any outfit. We have three beautiful colors in a metallic weave with a beaded panel detail. The perfect size for phone, wallet, and glasses. To be enjoyed day and evening.  
December 10, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 14 Days!

moroccan belts at maison k
Hand woven leather belts are attached to beautiful hand wrought buckles with natural horn detailing. These belts complete any outfit and are wonderful because they are so adjustable. You can wear them around your waist or your hips, and because of their easy sizing they make great gifts. Regularly priced at $145, this Holiday Season they are $95 each if you buy two or more. 
November 25, 2013

Holiday Countdown : 30 Days!

wallets for women
These beautiful leopard and zebra patterned zip wallets are beautifully made of leather and dyed cowhide. I love it because it’s svelte and chic and holds my phone as well as my money and cards and I’m good to go! Incredibly priced at $148
November 23, 2013

Cozy up for Winter!

personal accessories for winter AT MAISON K
Finally, we are getting a taste of winter with our chilly nights! Alpaca and cashmere fibers have kept people warm for eons – but not with this much panache!  The ponchos are hand knit in Peru in a wonderful weight that keeps you lean and warm – without the bulk of a coat.  They will take you from a trail walk, to dinner and out to a movie with great ease and wonderful style!

Apart from sojourns in Washington DC and San Francisco for 15 years, Santa Barbara has been home. Even still, I discover new wonders in our beautiful city. One of my favorite finds the past couple of years, right under my nose, are the marvels of the Montecito Trails Foundation. Often I head off on a now familiar path, at other times when I have the time, I venture down a trail having no idea where it goes, but I know it will be lovey!  This particular path led me eventually to Cafe Luna in Summerland where I enjoyed their fabulous poached egg huevos rancheros and coffee. Olé!


October 29, 2013

Holiday Countdown: 56 days!

festive clutch pursesFESTIVE CLUTCH PURSES

Just in from the City of Light, these festive clutches will brighten a winter’s night whether with jeans and a cashmere sweater or with a holiday dress!
Limited stock
$125 – $195