January 18, 2016

Spring & Summer Fashion Preview

spring & summer fashion preview at maison k




Here is another example of that beautiful pale copper shade paired with bright white. Pictured, is a stairway in the grand courtyard of Palazzo Doria Tursi in Genoa, Italy. It’s one of the 3 stunning 16th century palazzi on Via Garibaldi which comprise the “Musei di Strada Nuova.”  Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi are architectural gems of a bygone era. The buildings themselves and the artworks therein exemplify the great wealth of the aristocrats in 16th century Genoa. The entire street was inaugurated in 2006 as a UNESCO World Heritage sight and is composed of 42 restored palazzi. One such palazzo is now an exquisite boutique called Via Girabaldi 12.  Stay at Palazzo Cicala across from San Lorenzo in the medieval area of this fascinating seaport city.  Remember too, this is the birthplace of Cristoforo Colombo.

January 2, 2016

Introducing Christina Zilber

introducing christina zilber



maison k introducing christina zilber

Recently, I’m making more trips to LA – there are gift shows to attend, vendor meetings and inspiration in the myriad of shops and restaurants. At the end of one such visit recently, we went to the Sunset Tower Hotel for an early evening cocktail.  I’ve long wanted to visit this Art Deco gem and landmark on Sunset Boulevard.  Indeed, it’s a deco beauty and so chic in it’s thoughtful restoration and keeping. The restaurant and bar are located on the ground floor, and because the tower is perched on a hill, this affords an almost arial view toward downtown Los Angeles.  It’s a warm, wood paneled room, with plush cushions to melt into, framed vintage portraits on the walls, candlelight and a huge bouquet of white roses on the bar.  Next time dinner too!  But this evening we were heading to our tried and true favorite Lucques on Melrose.  We dined on the prix fix Sunday Supper and promised to be back again for this feast. Bon appétit!

November 28, 2015

Gorgeous Gifts Under $100

gorgeous gifts under $100________________________________________


gifts under $100 at maison kWonderful gifts come in myriad forms; a soft scarf, a lustrous pearl, a shimmering clutch – and then there are the priceless gifts – a beautiful sunset, the song of a bird, the scent of orange blossoms in bloom… Other gifts are those of compassion and solidarity. The imagery we’ve seen of late in support and honor of Paris, from people all around the world be it Myanmar, Israel, Germany, Australia, USA, Brazil, on and on, is breathtaking in scope and goodwill. We have seen the very worst of what humans can be and the very best of what we can be. Remember what Desiderius Erasmus said “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

November 21, 2015

The Perfect Gift

Scarves Header

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Duomo-e1448036119954_Knowing we would be in Milan briefly, I bought a tiny guide book; Lonely Planet “Pocket” Milan & The Lakes.  It had an intriguing cover photo of what looked to be the rooftop of a gothic cathedral. Delving inside I learned indeed, one can visit the rooftop of the Duomo, so it was a “Milan Must” for me.  We took a lift directly to the top and there began a phenomenal walk on the narrow pathways around the circumference of the roof, eventually climbing a skinny stairway to the tip top. There were hundreds of airy, intricately carved spires, humorous gargoyles, flying buttresses and marvelous statuary of saints, all seeming to float like an island on a cloud, with breath taking 360 degree views of the city surround.  The first cathedral was built on this site in the 4th century; this iteration was begun in the 14th century and took 600 years to complete.  There is a massive restoration and cleaning taking place; pictured, you can see the contrast of the work.  Mark Twain was in awe of this cathedral; Oscar Wilde not so much. I personnally love this other worldly fairy tale beauty of a cathedral.


October 30, 2015

Fall Furniture Sale

20% off fall furniture sale



FALL FURNITURE SALE AT MAISON KWe were told, quite emphatically, there were no public beaches in Portofino, but I couldn’t believe that to be true.  So suit under shorts, we headed off on a narrow footpath  above the precious seaside town and first came upon a handsome castle: Castello Brown. Not too far from there, an offshoot of the main path pointed: SPIAGGIA. I knew there must be and so it was, a teeny tiny beach, just barely, but at least an entrance to the dazzling turquoise sea.  After a brief dip, we continued to meander toward the promontory of the peninsula, where we enjoyed a bellini with freshly pureed peaches and a chocolate banana milkshake at Al Faro, created by it’s irrepressible impresario, below the picturesque lighthouse; “faro” in Italian.

October 24, 2015

Loving Nature

loving nature at maison k



MatterhornJust home from a holiday in Switzerland with National Geographic Expeditions — an amazing trip, predominantly by train.  One of the highlights was the magnificent sight of the Matterhorn, (instilled in my mind since the “bobsled ride” on “The Matterhorn” at Disneyland circa 1967.)  The peak is the beloved symbol of Switzerland, the land of the sportiest people I have ever seen. We passed couples with strollers on high mountain trails, followed by their great grandparents. At the end of a long day we would cozy into chairs indoor or out lined with sheepskins; the warmth, cush and chicness embodying the perfect Alpine experience. That said, here in SB for al fresco dinners, we set pelts in dining chairs as well, so company can linger out under the stars.

October 17, 2015

Autumnal Lustre

autumnal lustre



Italian rooftopsThis is the view from Room 301 at Relais Santa Croce in Florence. This site, along with the ringing of the evening bells brought visions of “A Room with a View” (a personal favorite) to mind. The art, architecture, the textiles, the food, pasticceria, and gelateria so much, an endless delight.  There is such an elegance to life there like nowhere else.
I was last in Florence 15 years ago buying candles for a large company I used to work for.  This time, I was looking for very different products for MAISON K and, as you can imagine, there is a plethora of gorgeous product.

September 26, 2015

Tea Trays From Morocco

tea trays from morroco at maison k



MOROCCAN TEA TRAYS AT MAISON KUbiquitous mint, found in gorgeous heaps throughout the medina in Marrakech, always delights. The glorious scent wafts down the alleyways as people carry bunches home to prepare fresh tea. Mint tea is not just a refreshing beverage, but as importantly, a ritual and art form,; it represents friendship and hospitality. Go to any home, any shop, any restaurant and you will be served this freshest of teas – loads of mint, a tiny bit of green tea and heaps of sugar. Served in a beautiful pot, poured into a tiny glass from above, and served on beautiful trays, this tradition is alive and well, one we can incorporate into our busy lives too!

September 19, 2015

Favorite Accessories From France




FAVORITE ACCESSORIES AT MAISON KThis wonderful sculpture is one of many incredible works of art at Rockefeller Center in NYC. 30 Rock was conceived by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and put 40,000 people to work during the depression; architects, engineers, craftsmen, artists and builders. The beautiful fountainhead Nereid (sea nymph ) left, rides a spouting dolphin along a landscaped waterway leading from 5th Avenue toward the sunken garden interior. She is one of five Nereids here representing Leadership, Will, Thought, Imagination and Alertness. Their sculptor, Rene Paul Chambellan, specialized in architectural sculpture and was known for “French Moderne Style” or Zig Zag moderne; what we now call Art Deco.  The waterway is exquisite all seasons, here, under a dusting of snow.

September 12, 2015

Delicate Colorful Diamonds

delicate colorful diamonds are a girls best friend



delicate colorful diamonds at maison kThe Cloisters, located in Fort Tyron Park, is one of New York City’s greatest treasures. We have several gentleman to thank for their foresight and generosity; a sculptor and collector of medieval art, George Grey Barnard’s Medieval Art collection was purchsed by John D. Rockefeller as a gift to  the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Rockefeller purchased hundreds of acres (to create the park and new museum) adjacent to the palisades J. Pierpont Morgan had purchased years earlier to preserve the cliffs and shoreline from excessive quarrying. We are blessed to enjoy an incredible architectural melange of several european monasteries, beautiful art and tapestries, a gorgeous park and spectacular views west over the Hudson.