February 20, 2016

Honorable Mention in Traditional Home Magazine

Trad Home Mention



MODERN art complements the traditional homeThe pops of color in the pillows and art, pictured above, bring a dynamic quality to the room. “Dynamic” brings to mind too, this beguiling, three dimensional work of art on loan from The Glass House which was a part of the recent exhibition celebrating Frank Stella at the Whitney.  It’s a visual flight of fancy, swooping and shimmering with glitter and glass, metal and enamel, the jewel tones commanding our attention.  Named “Khar-Pidda 5.5x” the piece is one of a series inspired by the exotic birds seen during the artists residence in Ahmedabad, India. The Khar-Pidda is a brightly plumaged bird and knowing this, the art seems all the more enchanting. Like many shows I’ve seen lately, the most impressive aspect of them all is the diversity of work, the prolific nature and constant creativity of the artists. I was familiar with the grand/XL/ color banded/geometric paintings by Stella, and this show opened my eyes to the diversity and dimensionality of his greater oeuvre.
April 16, 2015

Hand-Stitched Leather Ottomans

Hand-Stitched Leather Ottoman



SunsetThe Santa Barbara Magazine spread above reprises the chic vibe of 70s California in a beguiling 21st century way.  I can almost hear my very first LP, the Beach Boys’ Endless Summer album wafting in the background. Once upon a time, summers did seem endless; basking at the beach, kicking back on bean bag chairs (updated like these hand-stitched leather ottomans), riding bikes all around and shopping for “love beads.” Fiery pink, coral and golden sunsets, gorgeous backdrops for silhouetted palm trees create the perfect endless summer sunsets.

December 16, 2014

Featured in Santa Barbara Magazine – Coast Village Road

Santa Barbara Magazine Coast Village Road. Around town… Montecito style!

santa barbara magazine coast village roadI love our little main street in Montecito, Coast Village Road. It’s a charming stretch of five blocks that packs a stylish punch with a wonderful variety of small businesses.

What makes Coast Village Road special?

MAISON K is featured in the magazine’s December article, “Around Town – Coast Village Road,” alongside our fellow shop owners and restauranteurs. Here are some highlights of what makes our neighbors so special:

  • Kendall Conrad for gorgeous leather purses
  • Silverhorn for dazzling jewels
  • Tre Lune’s pollo saltimbocca is a must
  • So De Mel for designer bikinis made in Brazil
  • Cos Bar carries my favorite Tom Ford fragrance, Neroli Portofino
  • Lucky’s steak sandwich and warm spinach salad are a favorite
  • Allora for beautiful dresses
  • Los Arroyos makes an amazing crab enchilada
  • Ara has exquisite 24-karat jewelry

As you can see, the variety of businesses is a collection of tasty flavors and worldly styles. And, of course, we’d add MAISON K’s treasures from Paris, Morocco and India to the list!

Visit us online or in store and we’ll help you find that special gift from our variety of personal accessories, home decor and signature candles. See you soon!

December 2, 2014

Featured in Santa Barbara Magazine’s 2014 Gift Guide

Santa Barbara Magazine's 2014 Gift Guide_____________________________


featured in santa barbara magazine's 2014 gift guideAlways winter white, shown left is, what is for me, the most beautiful architectural detail bar none. Meticulously hand-carved plaster work in a endless variety of pattern, covers courtyards, archways and walls in Moroccan Palaces, riads and homes. Closer to home than a trip abroad, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a phenomenal collection of art and architecture from the near East in The Met Islamic Art Exhibit.

July 12, 2014

Judy Foreman Features MAISON K in Noozhawk

Astier de Villatte’s handmade dinnerware from Paris is unique and timeless. The French ceramics maker creates every piece by hand, in dark terracotta clay, then finishes each item with a milky white glaze.

Judy Foreman features Maison K in Noozhawk

Judy Foreman is a marvelous champion of tastemakers and businesses in our community.

She has an incredible sense of style and is always scouting out beautiful things. She’s curious and excited to report on what’s new and exceptional in fashion, home and lifestyle venues.

As a wonderful writer, she has shared her observations and finds with all of us for years – and we are all more informed and richer for it! Keep abreast of all her latest style, home and fashion finds in Santa Barbara and Montecito via Noozhawk‘s articles by Judy Forman! Thanks to Judy for the article’s feature photo of Maison K’s Astier de Villatte tableware.

Email or call us at 805-969-1676 when you’re looking for a special piece, or complete set, of Astier de Villatte tableware.

June 10, 2014

Inlay Furniture

The magazine luxe interiors + design LOS ANGELES recently showcased MAISON K with a fabulous illustration of our storefront and mention of our inlay furniture.

I consider inlay furniture and décor to be practical works of art that create interest and drama in a space. Whether you use a shell inlay mirror in a contemporary bathroom or an ornate bone inlay table in a traditional setting, they add a sensational touch of adventure and beauty.

I go directly to the source as regularly as I can because I get to find the more unique and unusual pieces that don’t always end up in the big importers’ assortments.

And by the source, I mean Morocco and India. They are very different in styling, but equally beautiful. Typically, shell inlay is from Syria and is exquisite in its lightness and brightness. I love it all!
Bone inlay is often incorporated with fine wire work and set into wooden bases. We’ve had spectacular doors that people used to build into the homes. One couple chose a magnificent pair to lead to their master bedroom.
Another designer installed a gorgeous set of doors as the entrance to her clients’ walk-in closet. Wow, I want to see that closet!
For a more practical application, without a construction project, we typically have small and large mirrors, tables and decorative accessories on hand. There is really something for every home and budget.
The bone used in inlay furniture can be a natural, ivory color or dyed with henna and cut into small tiles. The tiles are then used to make intricate and bold patterns. The designs are so creative and beautiful the possibilities are truly endless.

Email me if you’re looking for a specific piece of inlay furniture and I’ll shop for it on my next trip — call Maison K at 805-969-1676.

May 6, 2014

Shoot For the Stars as You Give the Perfect Gift — Shot Glasses

The pretty flair design of these shot glasses make an elegant wedding, hostess or house-warming gift.

elegant shot glasses at maison k

Santa Barbara Magazine (Spring 2014) recently included Maison K’s beautiful shot glasses (set of six glasses, $105) in their Weddings section. They include all the elements of an elegant gift: timeless, useful, heirlooms in the making.

I chose these shot glasses because they are festive in a subtle way. The hand-etched botanic designs are then hand-painted with platinum. The design is both chic and classic. The weighted base makes the glasses feel solid in your hand, making it a suitable gift for men and women alike. The set includes two of three different patterns.


Shot glasses are more versatile than you think

Everyone loves these beautiful shot glasses. They are ideal for a variety of drinks and occasions: shots, aperitifs, digestifs, port and grappa to name a few.

To complete the gift, consider a nice bottle of your friend’s favorite libation. This is an especially nice touch for a wedding gift; grooms enjoy being included in the gift with a bottle of their favorite drink.
And if you prefer not to give alcohol, consider the plethora of flavored waters, like elderflower water or another exotic drink that would be a treat.
The glasses also come in a taller version, which serves equally well as a champagne flute or beautiful glass for hand-squeezed grapefruit juice. 


Easy and refreshing entertaining
I discovered one of my favorite refreshing drinks in India: Fresh Lime Soda. Use these glasses to make your own. It’s simply lots of fresh lime juice, bubbly water and ice. Many people also enjoy a splash of simple syrup to sweeten it a bit. I also like a sprig of mint. It makes a fresh and pretty drink served in high style!
Make your gathering simply elegant with these beautiful glasses filled with your favorite drink. Serve with Marcona almonds with rosemary and olive oil or a bit of white truffle oil and you’re ready to entertain in relaxed elegance. These glasses are a wonderful way to delight your guests or the receiver of your thoughtful gift.
Hope to see you soon,
— Kimberly
Email me with questions about these shot glasses or how to select the perfect gift — call Maison K at 805-969-1676.