March 10, 2014

How to: Dress your springtime table!

As a foundation for your table scaping, use one of these exquisite white on white appliqué textiles which I just found in Kerela, India. Each piece is entirely made by hand of fine cutwork cotton hand-stiched onto a gauze ground. They also make a beautiful coverlet for your bed. Very limited assortment available in two sizes.
I had a very short time to plan my wedding in NYC which involved finding resources from across the country.  Gratefully, my mother discovered Polux Fleuriste.  Owners Barbara and Anouchka have an exquisite style combining a composed yet wild, romantic yet chic sensibility to all of their creations.  The shot above was taken at their wonderful shop at the forefront of All Good Things, a marvelous market place and restaurant housed in a turn of the century building located in the heart of Tribeca.  An area full of wonderful destinations, stay at The Greenwhich Hotel, have cocktails and a light supper at Smith & MillsHave a pedicure at I-Plaza Nails and then try on some fabulous sandals in a jewel box of a shop at Edon Manor.
February 17, 2014

Astier de Villatte Ceramics are Here

Did you know Astier de Villatte ceramics are made in the workshop that once housed Napoleon’s silversmith?

Entirely handwrought in Paris, these ceramic plates embody a French style that is simple, unique and timeless.


Astier de Villatte Discovery

I have been in love with Astier de Villatte ceramics for years. I first discovered the line in 1996 at a gorgeous little shop in San Francisco, which prompted the start of my own personal collection with one small exquisite plate.

Maison K Astier de Villatte Plate
“Simple Side Plate”

At the time I was buying and developing product all over the world for a candle retailer. Our merchant team would usually start its global trek at the gift show in Paris for inspiration; to see what trends and colors were unfolding.

I would walk down the aisles filled with wonderful creations, scanning the booths for inspiration. I was always fixated on the Astier de Villatte presentations, vowing to sell their wares when I would have my own business one day.

Fast forward to 2002 and the dream of owning my own business became reality, and that included selling what I consider the most beautiful ceramics in the world. Handmade in Paris in the Bastille, in the workshop that used to house Napoleon’s silversmith, the Astier de Villatte ceramics have a handwrought appearance that is treasured by its followers.

The Technique

Maison K Astier de Villatte Mugs
Simple Mug

The base is black clay with a super complicated white glazing technique that only one or two workers have mastered. There is a fine line between too much and too little glaze. Almost every major company has attempted to copy the Astier de Villatte look but none have succeeded. From Vietri & Juliska to Target and World Market, everyone does try to emulate the look but Astier de Villatte is incomparable!

Because the line is all hand wrought and there is such global demand, it is sold in very few places. It is highly collectable and collectors are passionate about their plates, which are very user friendly. Most people use them everyday — the line is to be used, not just admired from afar.

Maison K Astier de Villatte Tray
Regence Fish Platter
The styles range from “simple” which is just that, classic and lovely in its simplicity to more detailed expressions. Every season there are more designers and silhouettes be they plates, vases or candle holders. Every creation is divine!
We invite you to start your Astier de Villatte collection today with one piece or many. View our collection here at Maison K or call to order  (805) 969-1676

February 1, 2014

La Vie en Rose

personal accessories create la vie en rose at maison k montecito
 Take this photo as inspiration! Simply fill a shallow bowl with water, cut the stems of several dozen roses and set them adrift.  This makes a dazzling centerpiece which will enchant everyone who sees it. Deciding to take a respite from the bustling medina of Marrakech, we were on the lookout for a place we could take a time out. We spied a hotel with massive doors, sheltering a cool interior. Stepping into this beautiful architectural oasis we were greeted by a marble fountain filled with roses. What a tremendous delight for the senses – the contrast of supple roses and the smooth polished marble, the rose absolut fragrance wafting on the air, the colors mingling and gently floating on the water that softly fell over the edges into the pool below – what a soothing sight!
November 14, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesdays : Vintage Faience Geese & Ducks and more!

vintage ceramic geese at maison k
These vintage faience geese and ducks from France bring a definite charm to any decorative arrangement in your home, at any time of year. The backdrop of this vignette is a one of a kind aluminum tray from the Middle East standing behind a hand wrought metal pear tree topiary springing to life seemingly from marble planter.  For holiday simply add green pine boughs and some red berries to this display to make your home festive through the new year. Enjoy our St. Tropez candle to add the beautiful fragrance of pine and berries into you home as well.



October 17, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesdays: Wine & Liquor bottles

wine and liquor bottles at maison k


This Wednesday we are featuring one of a kind, repurposed decorative wine and liquor bottles from Marrakech. Each piece is hand wrought with silver-tone metal detailing enrobed on empty bottles. I had never seen anything like them before and am always thrilled to find something truly unique and clever. They can be filled again with anything you like, perhaps water with mint, a vodka infusion, or you can just group a trio as is on a bar for conversation sake. Cheers!

1) $250.    2) $225    3) $195. To purchase please call us in store at 805.969.1676


October 18, 2011

Interior Design Services by MAISON K

interior design services at maison k
Ikat textiles from Turkey
Ikat textiles from Turkey
From Kimberly
It can’t be captured in the photo above, but we expanded the size of the living room by almost double.  This was simply achieved by installing a large floor covering which created definition of the space and then positioned chairs opposite the couch. This completely opened up the space.  Before, a small rug in front of the sofa visually divided the room in two with 1/2 the room empty and used as a thoroughfare.  Now, the living room is expansive in feel with more living and circulation space.
I love textiles and decorative pillows in particular because they instantly ad life and punch to a room. The client selected a classic linen sofa as foundation for the room.  To add interest, we used several silk velvet pillows which reminded the client of her family crests and heritage.  The color of them inspired the deep red linen chairs which add vibrancy, presence and  spark to the room.  The client wanted to display a stunning zebra skin she had which we draped on a side table.  She had beautiful artifacts to use, including an antique hummum soap box and a bowl of ostrich eggs.  The beautiful mix of varied materials and textures including jute, silk, linen, mirror, metal, wood and mercury glass create warmth and visual interest in this intimate space.  French doors opening to a lush garden complete this delightful, happy room.